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Revived in Tango (2013)
Revived in Tango
# Composer Title Duration
1 Guy Bovet (1942) Tango de sesto tono, De Batalla 4:43
2 Johann Kaspar Kerll (1627-1693) Batalla 6:28
3 Guy Bovet Tango del undecimo tono a modo de bossanova 4:11
4 Pablo Bruno (1611-1679) Tiento de 1 tono de mano derecha 4:52
5 Guy Bovet Tango de 1 tono, sobre el himno ave maris stella 3:13
6-9 Nicolas de Grigny (1672-1703) 9:45
Ave Maris stella
Fugue à 5
Dialogue sur les grand jeux
10 Guy Bovet Tango de quarto tono de falsas, per l'elevazione 4:26
11 Girolamo Frescobaldi Toccata quarta - per l'organo da sonarsi all alevatione (20 Libro) 5:25
12 Guy Bovet Tango del decimo tono, dicho del gato 3:41
13 Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) Sonata in G minor (Cat's fugue) L.499 K. 30 4:25
14 Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) Prelude and fugue in C major. BWV 545 6:00
16 Guy Bovet El tango de los tangos 5:32

Peeter Süda - The Complete Organ Music
Peeter Süda
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# Title
Prelude et fugue (g-Moll) listen
Fugue listen
Pastorale listen
Fuga f-Moll listen
Basso ostinato listen
Ave Maria listen
Scherzino listen
Gigue (á la Bach) listen
"Tasso" (Poeme symphonique par F. Liszt, tr. pour Orgue par P. Süda) listen

Cantus Nordicus

Cantus Nordicus CD
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# Composer Title Duration
1 Jean Sibelius Intrada 6.16
2 Oskar Lindberg Gammal fäbodpsalme från Dalarna 4.36
3 Johan Svendsen Romanze op.26 8.29 listen
Roland Forsberg - Orgeljoik
4 I Lycksele 3.39
5 II Jukkasjärvi 9.00
6 III Arjeplog 4.26
7 IV Oviksfjäll 4.10 listen
8 V Karesuando 6.16
Edgar Arro - 2 Estonian folk melodies
9 VI volume nr.7 2.48
10 I volume nr.10 2.30 listen
11 Ester Mägi Canto doloroso et inventione Eres 10.33
12 Ole Bull Et Sæterbesøg 8.33 listen
13 Egil Hovland Toccata "Il canto del mare" 6.37 listen

Presenting a fresh and poetic musical bouquet of Nordic nations, this CD contains contemporary organ works in free rhapsodic style, based on the primeval Lappish joik and Finno-Ugric runic songs, combined with pieces from Scandinavian national romanticism, including some of the most beautiful pages of its violin repertoire. The musical encountering of the present and the past on this CD is also reflected in the use of the modern electronic sound of the synthesizer together with the richness of classical organ timbres. In Romanze and Et Sæterbesøg Eugen Simson-Valtin participates on the violin, and in Orgeljoik Peeter Vähi is playing synthesizers.

Hommage à la Cathédrale

Hommage à la Cathédrale
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# Composer Title Duration
Henri Mulet - Esquisses Byzantines
1 I Nef 7.38
2 II Vitrail 7.25
3 III Rosace 7.15 listen
4 IV Chapelle des morts 4.27
5 VI Procession 7.24
6 VII Chant funebre 5.34
7 VIII Noël 2.23
8 IX In Paradisum 6.06
9 X Tu es Petra 4.42 listen
Odile Pierre - Quatre Pèlerinages à la Vierge
10 Pèlerinage des étudiants à Notre-Dame de Chartres 9.11 listen
11 Fanfare pour "Salve Regina" de Speyer 3.31
12 Méditation-oraison á la Vierge Noire de Rocamadour 3.46 listen
13 Pélerinage des gitans aux Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer 3.36

In content this program pays homage to the cathedral. This sanctuary or the City of God, built on earth has been the aim for pilgrimages through many centuries. Rendered into the language of music the Europe‘s famous cathedrals appear in this program, creating strong associations with the architecture and legends of those celebrated edifices. The program contains two cycles which present the 20th century French organ tradition. The big organ of the Kallio Church was built by Åkerman and Lund firm in 1986 as a style copy of the Cavaille-Coll organ. As such it offers the closest possibility for the authentic performance for the French music in the Nordic countries. Ines Maidre and Jostein Aarvik are playing organ on 4 hands on track 10, 12, 13.

Bells in the Organ

Bells in the organ
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# Composer Title Duration
1 Henri Nibelle Carillon Orléanais 6.14 listen
2 Samuel S.Wesley Holsworthy Church Bells 6.29 listen
3 William Byrd The Bells 5.13
4 Louis Vierne Carillon de Westminster Op 54 6.54
5 Jean Langlais Bells (Three Characteristic pieces) 2.09
6 Kjell M.Karlsen Høyr kor kyrkjeklokka lokkar (Norwegian folk tune) 2.32
7 Ludvig Nielsen The Bells of the Nidaros Cathedral 5.43
8 Hans Olav Lien The Cathedral of Northern Lights (Organ Symphony) 4.38
9 Michael Berkeley Wild Bells 6.12 listen
10 Jean-Luc Perrot Carillon sur un theme de mon fils Romain 5.36
11 Marcel Dupré Les Cloches du Perros-Guirec 5.11 listen
12 Albert Alain Carillon Bougival 5.42
13 Henri Mulet Carillon-Sortie 4.52

Bells in the Organ is an unusual programme combining organ music with the sound of bells. The majority of this programme was recorded on the organ of St Michael Church in Räpina, Estonia, which possesses a rarely found bell stop. The themes used in these works vary from short bell intonations to longer, multi-phrase melodies of chimes. Being played first on the bell stop they introduce the following organ arrangement on the same intonation.

Rudolf Tobias (1873-1918) - Organ pieces

Rudolf Tobias
# Title Duration
1 Chaconne (über "Mach’t hoch die Tür, die Tore weit") 6.53 listen
Chorale Preludes / Choralvorspiele
2 Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern 1.16
3 Vom Himmel hoch (Pastorale) 2.49
4 Lobt Gott ihr Christen allzugleich 1.43
5 Präludium D-Dur 2.43
6 Präludium und Fughetta 3.36
Twelve choral preludes / Zwölf Choralvorspiele
7 1. Ach, was soll ich Sünder machen 1.46
8 2. O, du Liebe, meiner Liebe 2.09 listen
9 3. Es ist gewisslich an der Zeit 1.14
10 4. Sollt’ ich meinem Gott nicht singen 2.31 listen
11 5. Mit Fried’ und Freud’ fuhr’ ich dahin 2.14
12 6. Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten 2.15
13 7. Jesu, meines Lebens Leben 2.41
14 8. Sollt’ ich meinem Gott nicht singen 1.31
15 9. Werde munter mein Gemüthe 2.33
16 10. Nun ruhen alle Wälder (Nachtstück) 4.24
17 11. Fröchlich soll mein Herze springen (Weihnachten) 3.38
18 12. Komm,heil’ger Geist, o Herre 1.46
19 Fuge d-moll / Fugue D minor 5.36 listen

Rudolf Tobias was an Estonian composer, organist and pianist. He attended the St Petersburg Conservatoire, completing his organ studies with L.Homilius and composition studies with N.Rimski-Korsakov in 1897. As the first Estonian with higher education in composition, he laid foundation to Estonian instrumental music. His compositions are basically classical-romantic, with a touch of modernism and influence of impressionism. Tobias’ legendary reputation as a brilliant improviser is also revealed in his organ works. His organ works are published by Edition ERES, Bremen.

Artur Kapp (1878-1952) Symphonische Werke

Arthur Kapp CD
# Title Duration
1 Fantasie über B-A-C-H 13.32
2 Sinfonische Dichtung "Hauad" (Die Gräber) 7.56
3 Orgelkonzert Nr.1 F-Dur 15.45
4 Prelüüd 8.21
5 Dramatisches Vorspiel "Don Carlos" 14.10

Estnisches Staatliches Sinfonieorchester. Dirigent Arvo Volmer. Ines Maidre solist on Orgelkonzert Nr.1 F-Dur.

Anti Marguste (b.1931) - Organ Music

Anti MArguste CD
# Title Duration
1-2 Fantasy and Fugue op.31 8.05
3 Green Fresco op.65 No. 1 6.00
4 Red Fresco op.65 No.2 6.41
5 Blue Fresco op.65 No.3 5.05
6 Oreleelo op.54 3.44
7 Orelend op. 57 3.47
8 Oreloits op.53 6.07
9 A late tribute to to Duke de Croy op.71 11.53